Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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 So it's an election year. What that means can be very different to people. For me it means
being inundated by ads everywhere and phone calls mutlitple times a day from computers
saying this is "insert candidates name" and I would like you to vote for me.
 The problem with this is that none of them make sense half the time and they never let
anyone pin them down for a real answer when questioned. They make promise after
promise and you just know that even if they really do want to keep them, it's not likely
to happen. For once can't a politician say what they mean, mean what they say and be
honest in the process? Perhaps we should require people to pass a series of tests before
being allowed to run for office to begin with, with recertification required at the end of each
term to make sure they haven't become corrupt or complacent.
It seems honesty has taken a hiatus from politics and I for one would like to see it return.

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