Saturday, July 30, 2011


Ok I know it's been awhile, so here goes.
 I do a lot of family tree research a.k.a. genealogy.
Now the reason for this being my topic of the day is that I would like to make it known how
difficult this can be. There are elusive ancestors in every family and if you can't get anyone
to spill what they know then it's next to impossible to create an accurate tree. Here is how you
can help future generations in the quest for family history. Label your photos with full names
and dates, as well as the location if possible. You wouldn't believe how many unlabeled pictures
I've seen and thought gee if only there was something on the back I could learn a little more, maybe
connect this person/persons to the family tree somewhere. Another thing don't chuck old address books
out store somewhere you have no idea how useful they can be in the future. Write down or record
family stories. Try to keep a journal of birthdates, wedding anniversaries, etc. Any little bit helps
and your great-great-great-great descendants will thank you for being such a wonderful ancestor.