Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning? Really? Already?

The picture says it all. Haven't had the time or energy to get back and write lately but thought I could at least post a picture. And honestly who doesn't feel this way most mornings? 

Friday, June 3, 2011


Ok I was at one of the local malls today looking around to get an idea of exactly how much this years school clothes are going cost. First thing I do is look over the clearance racks. Occasionally there will be a good price on something that my niece will actually wear. I had never been to this particular mall and boy let me tell you I'm not looking forward to a return trip. I would love to know where they come up with their original prices and how they can call the lowered prices "clearance". Honestly how do they
expect you to purchase clothes for kids these days. It's outrageuos and I really don't see how they can think it's acceptable to charge you fifty dollars for a pair of jeans that is full of holes.  As I see it the big wigs of these stores need to be given the budget of an average family and told ok now these are things we need to buy this month and this is how much we have to do it with. Maybe that would wake them up. Then again I doubt it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Having never blogged about a single thing I have no clue what it is exactly I'm doing here.
Now you may be wondering why I'm doing this at all. You aren't the only one. Being a
good friend and niece I follow three other blogs. This in it self is no problem and often
very entertaining. However, a few days as I tried to post a comment on of said blogs I was
redirected to page that had me creating my own Blogger account. Why, I have no clue, but
there you have it the first reason for me to do this. The second reason is The Princess of
Procastination's response to this event. Seems she agreed that I needed a blog of my own.
So here we are hopefully those who drop by will bear with me as I stumble through this
process and perhaps find a bit of entertainment along the way.
P.S.Credit for the title must go to my friend Karentia.