Monday, October 24, 2011


Just wanted to post this poem I found in honor of my grandparents. My grandfathers passed in 1990 and 2001. My Granny justed passed two weeks ago, so I have one grandmother left to talk to and
visit with. My niece had to a grandparents day project last week, part of which was to look up poems about grandparents online. I came across this one while helping her and thought it was perfect.
Grandparents are special people
with wisdom and pride.
They are always offering love and kindness
and are always there to guide.
They often make you feel
so confident and strong.
Their arms are always open
no matter what you did wrong.
They try to help out
in every way that they can.
They love all their grandchildren
the same whether you're a child, woman or man.
They are always there to listen
and to lend a helping hand.
They show you respect
and they try to understand.
They give their love, devotion and so much more,
that's easy to see.
what perfect examples
of the kind of person that we should be.
~By Stacy Smith~

Enjoy your grandparents while you can, they are a wealth of knowledge and fun.